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Doo culture

Doo's vision

Become the world's most valuable channel intelligent management system and service provider

Doo's purpose

Cooperation win-win growth
Doo's core values

Customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, casting team, common development

解读 : Interpretation of the logo :

科技的意象 The white spelling of the company's name symbolizes Doo products all over the world and has a high-level , technological image .

再次强调多奥是科技型公司、同时让人联想到海洋、天空意为多奥在在智能的海洋里遨游 高科技的天空中飞翔。 The blue background emphasizes again that Doo is a technology-based company, and at the same time it is reminiscent of the ocean. The sky means that Doo is traveling in a smart ocean and flying in a high-tech sky.

+ 无色 的白表现出一种沉稳、安全、理智、安详与广阔。 Pure blue + " colorless " white shows a calm, safe, sane, serene and broad.

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