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系统: Doo split access control system:
The access control card reader and controller are separated for higher security. The split type access control intelligent control system adopts an access control controller to control 2 or 4 or 8 read head control signals (including 2 door sensors and 2 door opening signals), uses RS485 communication, and records 1,000,000 access control card swipes.

I. Product Introduction
门禁系统 一般嵌入到楼宇对讲系统的门口机中,与楼宇对讲系统一起完成对特定区域内的人员通行进行管理,可在公司大门、花园小区、楼栋大门等各种人员出入场所使用。 The DOA embedded access control system is generally embedded in the door phone of the building intercom system. It works with the building intercom system to manage the passage of people in a specific area. It can be used in the company gate, garden district, building gate and other various personnel Use in and out of places. 门禁 功能的缺陷。 This machine uses the current advanced non-contact IC card technology and computer network monitoring technology. It uses non-contact IC cards to replace our "keys" or "passes" for daily use. It is convenient and quick to use and supplements the building intercom system without IC Defects of the card access control function.

Product technical parameters

1. Product model: DAIC-MJD0102

2. Working with DC 12-24V ± 10% / 1A single power supply, working current <200mA, excluding current for driving electric lock;

3. 1 door open button input, 1 electric lock control output;

4. Operating environment: temperature: -20-60ºC, relative humidity: 20% -95%, no frost;

5. The system uses Mifare1 card, and the operation time of a single card is less than 0.2 seconds;

6. Networking: RS-485, with a maximum transmission distance of 1200 meters;

7. Non-contact IC card read and write distance: 50 ~ 100mm, keychain IC card slightly reduced;

8. Can manage 100,000 user cards, offline storage can store 1400 door open records, can store up to 1000 blacklists, storage records can be guaranteed not to be lost for 10 years in case of power failure.

9. Size: control board (integrated antenna board) L95 × W58 × H10mm

Product performance characteristics

1. Support multiple door opening methods: swipe card, remote door opening;

2. Communication method: RS485, standard communication distance is 1200 meters, special cases can be extended by adding repeaters;

3. In the state of network connection: When illegal break-in or door lock is broken, the system will send real-time alarm information to the management center computer;

4. The card holder's door opening authority, door opening time, and the time zone of the zone with which the door can be opened can be flexibly set;

5. Can support various electric locks;

6. In the state of network connection: Optional image capture and electronic map functions can be captured and saved when swiping a card, which can prevent swiping on behalf of the card;

7. In the state of networking: the central management system can remotely control the electric lock switch;

8. It can support multiple conditions to flexibly combine the access records, sort report data in different orders, and support report data printing and export to file functions;

9. Full support for offline operation (intelligent) and flexible networking;

多奥停车场 /电梯/考勤/消费/通道 等智能一卡通; 10. This system is an open, building-block-type structure that can be used with the smart card such as the parking lot / elevator / attendance / consumer / aisle ;


使用 DC 12V单电源工作,工作功耗<2W 1.Using a single DC 12V power supply, working power <2W

工作环境:温度:- 10~+60℃ 相对湿度:≤90% 2. Working environment: Temperature: -10 ~ + 60 ℃ Relative humidity: ≤90%
1路门磁输入,1路开门按钮输入,1路消防信号输入。 3, 1 door magnetic input, 1 door open button input, 1 fire signal input.
可管理 100万张用户卡,脱机能存储8000条记录,最多10000条黑名单,记录10年内不丢失。 4, can manage 1 million user cards, offline storage can store 8,000 records, up to 10,000 blacklists, records are not lost within 10 years.
IC卡的读写时间:≤0.2S 5. IC card read and write time: ≤0.2S
IC卡的读写距离:≤30 m 6, IC card read and write distance: ≤30 m ;
通讯接口:一路 RS485 7. Communication interface: RS485
通讯传输距离: 1.2Km 8. Communication transmission distance: 1.2Km
外观尺寸: L120×W88×H 18mm。 9. Appearance size: L120 × W88 × H 18mm.

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