Simple parking system

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Parking management system
Product introduction

The Duo simple monthly parking lot management system also uses a 32-bit ARM core, CAN bus, and industrial-grade processing architecture, making the product stable, safe, and reliable. The system is compatible with non-contact IC cards, ID cards, CPU cards, T5557 cards, HID cards and other vehicles to enter and exit the parking lot. The characteristics of this series of products are: 'simple monthly card type, temporary cards are not supported. Can be used with DoA elevator control / access control / attendance / smart channel / consumer / online patrol and other smart cards

Product positioning and application
It is suitable to be used as a monthly parking lot only. It is suitable for environments where the size of the parking lot, the distribution of the parking lot, and the situation of entrances and exits are not complicated.
2.Size 120 * 40 * 30
3.Working voltage AC220 / 50HZ
4.Operating Temperature -30 ℃ -75 ℃
5.Relative Humidity ≦ 95% without condensation
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